A Detailed Review of Dymatize ISO 100

Are you interested in Dymatize ISO 100 but aren’t really sure if it’s good for you? This article is a thorough review of the product, its nutritional info as well as its pros and cons.

Dymatize ISO 100 is a special type of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (WPI) shake that its manufacturer, Dymatize Nutrition, says has the highest amount of WPI in its class today. Aside from being effective, it is also one of the few whey protein products available that actually tastes – good!

Dymatize ISO 100

Nutritional Information

If you have read a Dymatize ISO 100 review online, you’ll see that this product is very much in demand. It has been processed and prepared in the strictest and most rigid manner possible. During this process, all the fat and lactose are taken out so you’ll only digest the protein your body needs.

Each serving of the Dymatize has 24 g of protein and with very little fat or carbohydrates. Because of the way it has been prepared you get mix-ability right there and then, and it is easy to digest as well.

  • Protein: 24-25 gm depending on the flavor you choose
  • Sugars: 0gm
  • Carbs: 1.5gm
  • Total Fat: 0gm
  • Calories from Fat: 0
  • Calories: 100

The nutritional information given above for the ISO 100 is for a single scoop of 28.3 gm. As these figures show, the amount of protein here is one of, if not the best in its class, and you’d be hard pressed to find another product like this with the same amount of WPI in its price range.

There are other ingredients in the product that are worth examining. It should be pointed out that the ISO 100 protein doesn’t have typical BCAAs and depends on the natural content in the product.

  • Isoleucine 1,975mg

This is a precursor to alanine and glutamine and used by the body during physical training and workouts. In addition, Isoleucine is used by the body as a source of fuel and promotes endurance while reducing muscle tissue breakdown and fatigue.

  • Leucine 2,825mg

Leucine is used by the body to keep the nitrogen level balanced and provides your body with the energy required for intense workouts. At the same time, leucine improves concentration and alertness, both necessary when you’re working out. If your body doesn’t have enough leucine, you won’t be able to repair muscle tissues effectively.

  • Valine 1,850mg

Valine is one of the most important elements in Dymatize ISO 100 5lb as it is responsible for keeping the nitrogen levels in your body normal. As an amino acid it is also a powerful energy source.

Pros and Cons

Just like all products, the ISO has its share of pros and cons, and if you’re interested in buying it, you should take the time to consider them.


  • The product is made from 100% isolate.
  • The carbohydrate profile is low.
  • There is zero fat.
  • It tastes good.
  • It is very easy to mix.
  • The Dymatize protein undergoes a rigid process and subject strict controls.



  • The product is slightly more expensive than others.
  • It tastes great, but some people might need time to get used to it.


This has already been mentioned earlier, but it is definitely worth going into more detail as this is one of the more contentious issues with protein shakes. While some shakes are bland and barely drinkable, the ISO is heads and shoulders above the rest. There’s nothing surprising about this though as the company behind ISO creates and tests all the flavors for the product.

Because of the strict procedural controls, the ISO 100 Dymatize has received a lot of positive reviews from online reviewers and consumers who bought and tried the product. Gourmet Vanilla is its most popular flavor, but chocolate and banana are also up there.


Because the ISO doesn’t have any lactose or fats, and it is hydrolyzed, it is very easy to mix with no gritty sediment or clumping that’s very common with other shakes. As many reviewers have noted, the result is a smooth, creamy drink that’s delicious and nutritious.

Hydrolyzed WPIs

Also known as hydrolysates, they are what make protein shakes like this very effective as it has been processed in high temperatures so the protein is isolated. While this is one of the most effective ways of purifying whey protein, there’s no compromise when it comes to quality.

As the ISO is being processed, bonds or small peptides that joins the amino acids which are created. Because of this, the hydrolyzed whey proteins are easily absorbed by the body, making it ideal as a recovery drink after working out. And because the drink has been carefully prepared, the protein level is very high compared to other shakes.

What Consumers are Saying

The ISO 100 has received a lot of positive reviews online, with many reviewers giving it four or five stars. The majority of reviewers agree that the ISO tastes great although reviewers usually prefer one flavor over the other. Rick of Sacramento wrote in to say that what he liked best about the ISO was how easy it was to mix.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts have tried out the product and given it the thumbs up, saying that it is exactly what they need to feed their muscles. Another reviewer, Ben, said that the ISO is great not just for muscle feeding but also if you’re dieting or as a healthy snack substitute. Finally, a great many reviewers have said that the ISO is well worth the price and that it delivers in the muscle feeding department.


There are a lot of whey protein shakes available on the market but the ISO is a cut above the rest. It is not only rich in amino acids and other nutrients that your body needs to build muscles and burn fat, but it also tastes good so you won’t have to force yourself to drink it. In addition, the product, as noted here, has been subjected to a rigid process ensuring that your body gets the nutrients it needs. If you’re on a physical training program, the Dymatize ISO 100 drink will help you achieve your fitness goals.