The Best Fat Burning Workout Guide

Description: This article aims to provide you with all the information you need regarding the best fat burning workouts that are currently making waves in the health and fitness market.

It’s no secret that people in the US are having trouble keeping off the excess weight in their bodies. According to the CDC, more than two thirds (69%) of all adults who are at least 20 years old are overweight, and more than a third (35.1%) of them are obese.

For most people, the excess pounds accumulated gradually over time, which is why there’s a higher rate of obesity among middle-aged adults than among younger adults. So it stands to reason that if it takes you years and years to put on the excess weight, you also need years and years to take them off.

Fortunately, that’s not really the case.

There are ways for you to burn off the fat much more quickly, although it will take a lot of effort on your part. These methods include: the Les Mills Body Pump, the Chalean Extreme, the P90X3, the Turbo Fire, and the Focus T25.

The Les Mills Body Pump


Les Mills was an athlete who represented New Zealand in the Olympics and the Commonwealth for more than 20 years. He opened his first gym back in 1968, and now his son’s company carries on his Olympian legacy.

Les Mills International has released a lot of different home workout systems, such as the Les Mills Body Pump (which was the first program to be released internationally). Other workout systems include the Les Mills Pump, the Les Mills Body Attack, the Les Mills Combat and the Les Mills Body Combat. Other popular programs are the Les Mills Body Flow and the Les Mills Body Step.

Just from the names alone, you’d know that the Les Mills Combat, Les Mills Body Combat, and Les Mills Body Attack programs are all based on martial arts. There are some differences among the three, but essentially these programs would probably appeal more to men who want a more strength-based approach to fitness.

The Les Mills Pump is markedly different, and it caters to those who prefer the lean and toned look while burning off extra fat. That means it appeals to both men and women, as women don’t generally take to fighting exercises.

Here are some of the key factors in this Les Mills workout:

  • The Les Mills Pump workouts are based on using lighter weights compared to many other strength training programs, but the number of repetitions is increased. This principle is called the REP effect. This helps you burn off fat much more quickly. Using lighter weights also helps prevent injuries, which can significantly slow down your training.
  • Your muscles are stressed with the changes in the tempo and position of your workout movements. This also boosts your heart rate effectively. In a typical workout, you stress your muscles by doing reps in the 70 to 100 range. You can actually burn off a thousand calories in just a single workout.
  • You use barbells for the 7 workouts involved here, and the equipment comes with the program as well. It includes pairs of 5- and 10-pound weights. Beginners can modify the workouts while the more advanced can intensify the exercises simply by adjusting the weight on the barbells.
  • You will get some motivational music as well.
  • A diet plan is also included. Unlike other extreme diet plans out there, this one allows you to consume lean protein as well as snacks. You get more than 50 tasty recipes and the meal plans can be customized.
  • You only need to do the workouts 3 times a week. You can supplement this workout with other programs that don’t involve strength training, so you can include cardio exercises like jogging and biking to help you burn off even more fat.
  • The program lasts for 90 days.

The Chalean Extreme


If you’ve been researching workouts online, then you’ve probably stumbled upon numerous Chalean Extreme reviews in the course of your research. That’s not a surprise, as creator Chalene Johnson is among the most popular fitness trainers in the US.

Chalene Johnson is a mother of two who has been a leading voice in the fitness industry since the late 1990s. The Chalean Extreme is her latest program, and it was created when she realized that she was no longer responding to her standard workout routines.

The Chalean Extreme results reported by its users have been very encouraging, and overall they attest to the effectiveness of the program. The Chalean Extreme before and after difference is amazing, and it’s common for Chalean Extreme reviews to report losing 60% of the body fat in just three months.

The key factors of the program commonly mentioned in Chalean Extreme reviews include:

  • The Chalean Extreme results are obtained through 15 different workouts that mix resistance training with cardio. It uses cardio exercises, weight lifting, core exercises, and interval training. The Lean Phasing technique moves from resistance training to cardio workouts to help burn off the calories swiftly.
  • There are three phases in your workouts. The first has you lifting weights to fire up your metabolism. Then you start lifting heavier weights to burn off fat by building muscle. Then the third phase involves new moves and routines to really get rid of the fat.
  • The phases involve intensive cardio exercises plus resistance training, and then you incorporate a flexibility workout that’s really rejuvenating. You also have breakdown sets that go past fatigue, so you burn off even more fat. Then there are routines that target your abs so that you can trim your belly further.
  • You will need to buy dumbbells, but the program already provides the thigh toner bands you’ll need for your lower body workouts. You also get a pro-grade resistance band which you will need as well.
  • The advantage of this workout over vanilla cardio routines is that by adding resistance training, more fat can be eliminated. It’s also better than just strength training because it focuses more on getting a lean look instead of a muscled, bulky physique. The Chalean Extreme results prove these points conclusively.
  • The routines also incorporate the use of appropriate music, which can really help to motivate you and to help you keep to the proper tempo. Motivation is always a problem especially in extreme workouts, and that factor has not been overlooked.
  • The program includes a fat-burning food guide that will help figure out what to eat during each step, so that you can burn as much body fat as you can.
  • This program is also designed for 90 days.

The P90x3


This workout from Tony Horton is the latest refinement of the original P90X workout. It combines the muscle confusion foundation of the original, and the muscle integration principle of the P90X2 to create this workout based on muscle acceleration.

The purpose is to tailor a very quick workout that can easily fit in most people’s schedules, while it also addresses the problem of plateaus when gains are no longer realized because the same exercises are repeated continuously.

The effectiveness of the program is remarkable, and the typical P90x3 review will report a loss of a third of the body fat.

The key elements of this program, according to P90x3 reviews, are the following:

  • It’s designed to last for 90 days.
  • The program is quite regimented, and the numerous routines are designed to help you get past plateaus. When you start to notice that your gains are not as dramatic as before, that’s usually because your muscles have adapted to your routine. You need to make sure that you “confuse” your muscles so that they remain stressed, which is necessary for muscle development and fat burning.
  • The workouts are only 30 minutes long. This is based on the belief that the most significant benefits are mostly the result of the first thirty minutes of the workout. You will then have to intensify your efforts so that you can fit everything within a half-hour. This is to be expected, since this is supposed to be an extreme workout

Turbo Fire


This program is based on HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. Many experts believe that this can be much more effective than just traditional cardio in burning off calories and body fat.

In this version, you get dial up your intensity while you use various aerobic routines and kickboxing exercises. There’s music provided to help you get into the right tempo and to really fire you up.

Most Turbo Fire reviews are positive. However, this is one of Chalene Johnson’s earlier creations, and it is showing its age. While Turbo Fire results can be nice, not everyone may be satisfied. It’s for that reason Chalene Johnson had to develop the Chalean Extreme to provide even more dramatic benefits.

The most important elements of this program are the following:

  • It employs the HIIT principle of “sudden bursts of intense effort”. You work out as hard as you can in just a single minute, and these bursts of energy are known as ‘fire drills”. Even after you expend that effort in just a single minute, your metabolism accelerates and you burn off fat even after you work out.
  • When you rest and recover from these intense efforts, your body tries to compensate from all that expended energy by burning off fat. This is to replenish your fatigued muscles with oxygen. This compensating action can last for many hours after your workout.
  • Music is also a major component here, because the properly selected songs can really help motivate you into expending as much effort as you can for an entire minute. Here, the songs are selected so that they match up perfectly for each move in the workout.

Focus T25


This workout is even more ambitious than the Turbo Fire, because it’s shorter. Its creator is Shaun T, who’s a former collegiate track athlete. He designed this workout to last for a mere 25 minutes, which you can do 5 times a week.

Again, the focus here is on maximizing the benefits while using the shortest time possible for workouts. This can then benefit busy people who don’t seem to have enough time during the day to do everything they need.

While in general Focus T25 reviews are positive, just about every Focus T25 review will mention the fact that this is an extremely challenging workout. The Focus T25 results may be wonderful, but you will surely have to work at it.

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • The 25-minute workout is supposed to bring the same type of benefits when you work out for an entire hour.
  • The program lasts for 10 weeks, and it is divided into two cycles (Alpha and Beta) that last for 5 weeks each.
  • The workouts require you to use dumbbells and resistance bands, while at the same time you are doing some dance moves that comprises your cardio routine. This is how everything gets squeezed in just 25 minutes—you’re doing a lot of things at the same time.


Just about every super-intense workout on this list will probably work for you. You can choose according to what appeals to you, although if you like to base your decisions on actual reviews and results then you should first try either Les Mills Pump or the Chalean Extreme.

The Les Mills Pump workout is extremely efficient, and since you just need to do your routines 3 times a week you’ll be able to easily slip it in your busy work calendar. With the Chalean Extreme workout you can see results even in just 30 days, and the results after 90 days can be astounding.

Both programs address the issue of motivation through appropriate music. They also include valuable tips on the proper diet to have that can help you get through the workouts while still achieving significant fat loss.

Regardless of whether you choose Les Mills or Chalean Extreme, one thing’s for sure: you will burn lots of body fat in a very short period of time. You’ll be healthier, and you’ll look so much better too!

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