The Best Thermogenic Fat Burners

Description: The article explains the thermogenic fat burning process. It also lists the most effective thermogenic fat burners currently available on the market.

If you are trying to find out about how to lose weight effectively, then you may have found quite a lot of advertisements about products that are supposed to “burn off” the excess fat from your body. While you may immediately picture someone with a flame thrower or a laser scalpel, it’s not actually like that at all.


thermogenic fat laser scalpel


When you exercise, you boost your core body temperature, and this boosts your metabolism. By boosting your metabolism, you then cause your body to burn calories. And if your calorie intake is less than what the body needs, your body then converts the stores of fat for its fuel. Since your increase in body temperature results in the reduction of fat, you are essentially “burning off” the excess fat.

Thermogenic means to producer produce heat. With thermogenic fat burners, you increase your body temperature even though you aren’t exercising at the moment. This means that reduction in body fat is possible even when you don’t have enough time for regular exercise. When you use the fat burners with proper exercise, you burn even more stores of fat off your body.

So what thermogenic fat burners are the best? Here are the most likely candidates:

1. Ephedrine. In its natural form, it’s known in China as má huáng. It’s also called ephedra. It’s been used in Chinese folk medicine since 200 BC. In concentrated form, it can really burn off the fat. But it causes a lot of serious side effects, and now it is a banned substance if it is used as a dietary supplement. It is also prohibited in numerous sports.

2. Yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine hydrochloride is the extract of the active ingredient in the bark of the yohimbe, which grows in western Africa. Initially, its use was for improving the sex drive, but more recent research indicates that it also has some weight loss benefits.According to the latest medical studies, yohimbine HCL is great for burning off fat. This is especially true for the more “stubborn” fat stores that other supplements have trouble burning off.

3. Green tea. When it comes to lists of super foods and drinks, green tea is always included because it can help fight off cancer and heart disease. Now it turns out that it can also help you lose weight by reducing body fat and by burning calories.

The key to the miraculous properties of green tea is the catechins it contains. It’s the catechins which burn off the calories, lower the LDL cholesterol levels, and even reduce your body fat.

4. Caffeine. While you still have to avoid soda (because of the high sugar content), caffeine is still every effective as a fat burning supplement. It’s another reason why just about every exercise drink has caffeine.

Caffeine increases your heart rate, and it also has an effect on your systolic blood pressure. All these increase your body temperature which eventually results in burning off fat.

We’re not saying that these supplements will replace exercising totally. What we’re saying is that by exercising and by taking safe thermogenic fat burners, you can have even more dramatic results.





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