How to Block Carbs, Starch and Sugar?

Description: The article explains why and how to block the absorption of carbohydrates, starch, and sugar in the body. It also offers possible blockers you can use for this specific purpose.

It has long been known that excessive carbohydrates, including starch and sugar, can eventually lead to excessive weight gain. These also affect the blood sugar levels, which is of particular concern for diabetic and hypoglycemic people who don’t have a normal carbohydrate metabolism. Athletes also pay attention to their levels of carbs, especially when they are aiming for bigger muscles.

For all these reasons, low-carb diets are all the rage these days. But then, people are notorious for eating the food that has been deemed not part of their diet. They still eat sugary confections and high carb starchy foods.

And that’s why blockers for carb, starch, and sugar are important. They reduce the absorption of these compounds into the body to lessen their damage. The excess carbs and sugars do not become fat stored in the body. Carbs, sugar and starch are turned into glucose which the body uses for fuel, and by blocking these substances the body may also be forced to burn stored fat for its fuel requirements.

So how do we block carbs, starch, and sugar? Here are some suggestions:

Carb and Starch Blockers

Since it’s not enough to tell people to limit their carb and starch intake, carb blockers try to mitigate the damage. These blockers block the action of digestive enzymes (sucrase, amylase, and glucosidase) from breaking down various forms of carbs.

  • White bean extract. This is Phaseolus vulgaris, which is the extract from the common white kidney bean. It blocks the alpha-amylase enzyme, which breaks down complex starch molecules into simple sugars. This slows down the rate of sugar absorption. Research also indicates it can suppress the appetite, as it boosts the production of a hormone which makes you feel full.
  • African mango extract. Known as Irvingia gabonensis, the African mango extract also inhibits the amylase enzyme so that the carbs aren’t absorbed. It also acts directly on fat cells and helps prevent fat storage.
  • Green tea extract. This counteracts the carb intake by boosting your metabolic activity. This also aids in weight loss as it leads to burning off excess calories. Green tea extract even blocks fat absorption, by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for breaking down dietary fats for absorption.
  • Seaweed extract. This helps block carb absorption by inhibiting amylase. It also reduces the insulin spikes caused by eating too much carbs.

Sugar Blockers

Many people are unaware that they are ingesting massive amounts of sugar (sucrose) in their processed foods, since manufacturers know that the sugar makes their food taste much better. Here are some blockers which can block the effects:

  • Chromium. Health care experts have long known the benefits of chromium for type 2 diabetes. It also reduces total cholesterol levels.
  • L-arabinose. This inhibits sucrase, and this action prevents the metabolism of sucrose.

Of course, it’s always better not to eat too much carbs and sugar in the first place. But with these blockers, at least there is still a way to lessen the damage when we eat what we’re not supposed to eat.